Declaration of acceptance


I hereby declare:

I agree that SRT is collecting, administrating and processing my personal data as follows: full name, email address, and any other personal details, which I willingly provided, as far as this details are necessary for processing my request and providing the requested services. SRT collects personal information only as long as it is absolutely necessary for the flowless performing the requested services in the most professional manner. SRT implemented new procedures and updated its Pricacy policy in order to keep up with the highest standards of the most recent national and EU data protection legislation.

I am informed and I agree that:

1.1. my personal data might be provided to third parties – administrative institutions and jurisdictional authorities, empowered by low to require and collect such personal information.

1.2. the personal data I provided might be processed and stored by the company for a maximum period of five years after your association with us has come to an end time, unless I send an email to and declare my wish all personal data to be deleted from the company data base.

1.3. my personal data will be transferred to other countries – EU and NON EU Members , as long as this concerns the services I requested and the company has the assurance that the transferred data will be handled and administrated in accordance with the General Data Privacy Regulation.

I am informed and I agree that any email correspondence between me and the company related to the requested services is considered information freely accessible by the company and its employees and the company can process, transfer to third parties (suppliers, partners) and store this information for an unlimited period of time.

I am informed by the SRT about my rights:

2.1. I have the right to access to my personal data, processed by the SRT. I need to send a written request to :, in order this access to be granted.

2.2. I am entitled to send a request for deleting, correcting and blocking of my personal data, if its processing does not comply with the applicable data protection legislation.

2.3. I have the right to demand that the SRT informs third parties about the deletion, correction and ban of my personal data, that has been disclosed, unless it is impossible for SRT or it requires extraordinary efforts.

2.4. I have the right to be informed, that my personal data is being disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes and I can disagree at any time.

2.5. I have the right to disagree against the processing of my personal data for marketing purposes at any time and absolutely free of charge.

2.6. I have the right to disagree against the processing of my personal data at any time, if I consider our actions non -compliant to the data privacy legislation.

2.7. If there is a security issue, despite our strict internal security measures and procedures, I have the right to be informed within 72 hours.

2.8. If I am an individual at the age of 16 or less, my personal data will be provided only with the acceptance of my parent/legal guardian.

I have read and I understand the Privacy Policy of SRT.