Europe & Eurasia

9-10 Dec, 2024

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37+ countries


220+ participants


10+ meetings
15+ sessions
500+ live chats


Booking Deadline 1 November


37+ countries


220+ participants


10+ meetings
15+ sessions
500+ live chats


Booking Deadline 1 November

Why attend?

  • Network with high school counselors and develop valuable professional connections.
  • Discover new markets and enhance your knowledge of specific regions.
  • Grow your network by utilizing the e-conference attendee database for up to four weeks after the event.
  • Participate in expert-led knowledge sessions.
  • Gain insights into student trends, destinations, programs, and profiles.

Who should attend?

University admissions staff looking to grow or expand their high school counselor network.

Who will you meet?

International high school counselors and Independent Education Consultants (IECs)

2023 Edition in Numbers

Europe and Eurasia 2023

    • 🔵 220 Counselors and IECs from 37 countries, with 54% coming from IB schools.


    • 🔵 578 One-on-One Meetings fostering meaningful connections.


    • 🔵 35 Universities showcasing their programs and opportunities to the community.


    • 🔵 28 Engaging Sessions delivering over 11 hours of expert content.



Join us for a transformative experience in global education!



It was a great opportunity to talk to many different universities around the world. Here in Brazil, at my schools, I feel there’s an increase of students looking for universities in countries other than the US, so it was very helpful to talk and understand how other countries deal with the application process.

Lydia Schwalb

Colégio Bom Jesus Centro, Brazil

It was a good first experience and with some good discussions with counselors, who were interested in learning more about Australia and what we offer international students

Helle Strandlyst

Deakin University, Australia

It was a very good conference with a lot of interesting topics and information which are very useful to our whole organization.

Anna Apagyi

Tempus Public Foundation, Hungary

I had heard good things about SRT before joining the virtual event, but until you see it for yourself, you don’t know. I was really happy with the conference. The chance to meet with colleagues in different countries and learn about their universities and/or get caught up with what is new was extremely helpful. Thank you!

Alex Becker

International School of Belgrade, Serbia

This event is extremely important for a small school like ours, we are an extremely international community but as limitations on staff, SRT-E Conference provides a platform for us to connect and become aware of a variety of university options for our graduates.

Kathy Vos

Eerde International Boarding School, The Netherlands

A great concept. One-to-one meetings of particularly high value/importance. Easy to use platform, great support from the SRT team – thank you!

Gosia Wells

The American University of Paris, France

Very efficient, very productive, very well organized. Your E-Conference was the best event I’ve taken part in this season.

Barbara Prevosti

Bocconi University (Italy)

It was great to connect with people and a good way to build connections after the pandemic. I really liked the platform and setting up the meetings. I’m so happy that I participated it was a great experience and I would like to participate again.

Christine Eischen

International School of Prague, Czechia

As always, a very professionally structured 3 days, with great opportunities to learn and develop relationships with those sitting on the other side of the desk. Looking forward to the next one.

Luke Turner

Carlucci American International School of Lisbon, Portugal

1,800 €


2 days E-Conference

+500 €

2nd participant

What’s included

  • A personalized digital profile to share brochures, links, photos, videos, and more with counselors before the event.
  • Efficient digital scheduling system to book meetings.
  • Up to ten 1:1 daily meetings with counselors.
  • Full access to the SRT virtual networking rooms.
  • Full access to professional development sessions and seminars.
  • Live chat with attendees.
  • Access to the attendee database for up to four weeks after the event.

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