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Services included in the physically attended Fairs еvent price

  • Meet students from the last 3 years of high school
  • One booth per fair with up to two participants per booth
  • Smart booth: QR codes for brochures and lead generation via SRT Fairs app
  • Transfers between venues (schools, suggested hotels, airports) 
  • Meals and beverages during events
  • Networking cocktail
  • Responsible, informed and strict tour coordination, in accordance with all global, regional and school-specific safety precautions

Services included in the Webinar Series' Prices

  • Limited to 4 universities 60-75 min duration
  • 200 leads on average
  • Event promoted among the SRT network of international schools and marketing and social media campaigns
  • Live webinar and live Q&A session
  • On-demand lifetime recording
  • Prompt event report and lead database with detailed attendee demographic profile

Services included in the E-conferences' participation

  • Access to personalized platform
  • Conduct up to 25 video meetings over 3 days
  • Attend market-knowledge sessions and learn from the industry leaders
  • One-on-one meetings with counselors
  • Access to the attendees' database for up to 4 weeks after the event

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