Our mission is to create awareness of different study opportunities. We bring university representatives to your school and fully adapt to your students' curriculum, specific needs and timetable.

Our fairs are completely free of charge for high schools and students. We are not an agency; we work with a variety of universities and invite them as per your school profile. Students have the full freedom of choosing the university which best fits their needs. We provide equal access to all participating institutions. During our fairs students have access to diverse range of workshops, presentations and extracurricular activities to help them develop time-management, decision making, communication and teamwork skills.

Host a fair at your school or attend one in your city to take advantage of our college counseling trainings and study abroad presentations.

Become an SRT host school
Our fairs are organized in international high schools with the key role of the College Counselor as a main partner. The main audience are students from the last 2 years of high school, teachers and parents. Do you need help motivating your students during their college applications?Get in touch with us to start the process and become the next SRT host school!


Join the SRT College Fair in your city
We welcome over 750 schools at our fairs every year and we would love you to join us!Let us know more about your school and the specific university interests of your students.If you wish to attend our fairs as a group, you can take advantage from our free shuttle service. Send us your thoughts and questions at info@srtfairs.com. We are here to help!

How can we help your school further?

As a fair provider of hundreds of high schools worldwide, and a member of International ACAC association, we have the advantage of collaborating with independent Career Advisors all over the world.


Are you looking to expand your students’ horizons? Thanks to our extensive network of certified Career Advisors worldwide, we can assist you to organize workshops on admissions in a specific country, receive professional guidance and help with test preparation.


Are you looking to aid your College Counselor with trainings on specific application platforms? Take advantage of our know-how and experience in the world of international education.


We can help your school receive the best help, online or in person, one-time or throughout the key years for university application.

Get in touch with us and let us know what you need; we will be there to help!

We organize undergraduate student

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