We are the fair provider of choice of top international and IB high schools, currently in 24 countries on 4 continents.

We run all-inclusive fairs directly at distinguished international high schools, which are attended by an average of 10 other local schools as well.

If your university is looking for successful graduates rather than enquiry forms, then SRT is the best choice as there is only a pre-screened audience. We pride ourselves particularly with the fact that once SRT has opened a door to a school for you, your university will keep coming back to give individual presentations, meet with parents and maintain a long-term partnership with the schools introduced by SRT. In key recruitment markets we have also introduced graduate fairs for students particularly looking for Master programs abroad.

We limit participants to

35 institutions

institutions for best impact.

The tour groups typically are introduced to

1500-3500 students

students in a series of school events inside international schools.

Every day we welcome between 500 and 4,000 students, parents and college counselors. Thanks to our extensive network of collaborating international high schools and universities in the host countries, you will only meet well targeted and pre-screened candidates at our events. The international students you will meet at our fairs come from multicultural backgrounds, have high level of preparation and solid resources for higher education.

10 Reasons to choose SRT

  • 1
    We are affordable. Imagine the effort and time whenever you want to meet the best international schools in each city. At SRT fairs you will see an average of 10 carefully-selected, top high schools of the city or region you are visiting.
  • 2
    We facilitate the relationships between higher education institutions and a large amount of international schools and their counselors worldwide.
  • 3
    We pre-screen the students attending our fairs. You will see highly motivated, prepared and enthusiastic candidates.
  • 4
    Face-to-face interaction with thousands of inspired internationally-oriented prospects. We bus students to make sure they are there at the right time and you can have the space to conduct an impactful conversation with your best leads.
  • 5
    Transparency, equality, personal engagement and nothing less: we have uncompromised ethics and are capable of finding the right students for you regardless of you profile, size, or tuition fees.
  • 6
    Knowledgeable: With our extensive network of school contacts, we will know the right high schools for every participant. We work hard to find the best match for you.
  • 7
    Impartial: We do not accept any commission for universities and will therefore never recommend one university over another.
  • 8
    All-in-one experience with a complete set of professional services. We are a turnkey solution for recruiters and take care of the tour’s complete logistics and networking opportunities.
  • 9
    We love what we do! We know everyone says that but, ask any of our clients. We are mostly referred to as friendly, enthusiastic, energetic go-getters.
  • 10
    Accredited: We are members of International ACAC and follow their ethical code and values.

What our clients say

" I would recommend. An efficient way to meet lots of great students."

Sian Steggles

University of Southampton

"Great organization, attention to every little detail, friendly environment. We want to repeat with SRT! Congratulations for the excellent work!"

Dolores Morell

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

"SRT makes your life as a student recruiter easy and provides you with the perfect environment to meet students, counselors, and parents from selected schools. The staff is caring and helps create a productive as well as enjoyable atmosphere."

Arianna Bucci

Oxbridge Academic Programs

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