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What our clients say

I’m very grateful to be able to participate in this type of event because there is updated valuable information for my students.

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Alexandra de Fina

Colegio Guayamuri, Venezuela

It was an excellent opportunity to meet new contacts. I was very happy with the meetings I had with the universities. They all followed up with additional information. It was hugely helpful for me. Two of us attended from the Grammar School, so we split the meetings, and it was manageable with our school work. An excellent event, thank you!

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Kam Stylianou

The Grammar School Nicosia, Cyprus

As always, a very professionally structured 3 days, with great opportunities to learn and develop relationships with those sitting on the other side of the desk. Looking forward to the next one.

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Luke Turner

Carlucci American International School of Lisbon, Portugal

Another great experience for ‘global travel’. These meetings are so important in helping me expand my knowledge of universities across the globe and of what my students need to know too. Thanks to all.

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John Barter

Baleares International College, Spain

I was really pleased with how the conference was organized, the platform worked really well, and the meetings I had with counselors were truly productive! It was a fantastic way of connecting with professionals across the globe that I would not have been able to visit in-person. The schedule was well-paced and structured, with interesting sessions sprinkled in too. Two thumbs up to the whole team, really well done and a big thank you!

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Sohvi Riekkinen

Northumbria University, UK

I would like to thank you very much for organizing this great event! I really hope that you will continue with this after COVID-19 because it is very efficient: you can meet many people in only a few days: people whom I would not have met otherwise.

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Erna Balk

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands)

Very efficient, very productive, very well organized. Your E-Conference was the best event I’ve taken part in this season.

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Barbara Prevosti

Bocconi University (Italy)

It is a unique event, I have never attended anything similar. It was a pleasure to learn about new markets and get insight in those that we already recruit in. Having an opportunity to get the undivided attention of a school counselor and make new valuable connections was priceless too. It was a success for our university for sure.

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Lina Sernaite

Northumbria University (UK)

Thanks again for setting up and doing a great job with the webinar! I really enjoy working with you!

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Thalia Saplad

Edmonds Community College (USA)

SRT offers and incredible environment and a wonderful opportunity for universities to meet directly with a preselected target of high school students. Excellent communication and relation with schools.

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Frédéric Laberge

Embassy of Canada to Kazakhstan (Canada)

SRT brings together good schools and creates opportunities we wouldn’t have as individuals

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Julia Pitchford

The University of Sheffield (UK)

Everything was very well organized and the SRT team was so helpful and accommodation! We were pleased with the quality and the quantity of the students at the fairs, especially Santiago and Santo Domingo.

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Gage Ziehmn

University of North Florida (USA)

Very pleased with the turn out and I’ve had some really good meetings with Counsellors who I’ve not met in person before, but been in lots of email contact with! The Global Sessions for Universities have also been really really useful! I’ll definitely share positive feedback around my network. Well worth it in terms of value for money

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Taylor Wearne

University of Exeter (UK)

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