Dates14 Apr - 17 Apr

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E-Conference for International Educators Europe and Eurasia

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Europe and Eurasia

Meet with international high school college counselors from 30 countries

Welcome to our E-conference for International Educators!


SRT has 10 years of experience in connecting university admissions officers with high school counselors across the globe.
In an effort to support the smooth communication of your university offer to your key country partners, we have developed a virtual conference where within 4 days you will enjoy one-on-one meetings with existing and potential high school partners. This is the perfect opportunity for you to  update each other on plans, policies, and exchange valuable advice for potential applicants.

14 Apr

15 Apr

16 Apr

17 Apr

We organize undergraduate student

How does it work

  • Register your participation on the booking form below. A maximum of two participants per institution are allowed.
  • Update your university profile on the e-scheduling meeting platform we provide. Our partner for this event is Marcom eSchedule PRO.
  • Pre-schedule meetings with the high school counselors you would like to meet with.
  • Register for seminars and attend live or watch recorded afterwards.
  • On the days of the event, you will enjoy a care-free series of pre-scheduled video calls with high school counselors and a platform that controls the time for you.
  • Immediately after the event, you will be able to follow up on your meetings, exchange materials, send webinar invitations and keep building those relationships that matter.

Target countries

We have selected 30 countries where our solid relationship with high school counselors and independent educational advisers (IECs) assures an estimated attendance of nearly 150 institutions.

Some of the countries you can expect to see represented by high school counselors are Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, among others.


Types of high schools

IB schools are our main resource, followed by US, British and other country-specific curricula. Beyond the curriculum and school funding, we have based our selection of high schools on their school profile, history of international mobility, as well as the importance of the college counselor’s role in the students college selection.


See some of the testimonials from universities on our past E-conferences.

E-Conference Schedule (GMT time)

5 April, 9 AM E-scheduling opens for universities 

14 April, 9 AM – 9:30 AM SRT Opening live event

14 April, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM Seminars and One-on-one meetings

15 April, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM Seminars and One-on-one meetings

16 April, 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM Seminars and One-on-one meetings

16 April, 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM Closing Session 

17 April, 10:05 AM – 11:40 AM Optional One-on-one meetings

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Total price

2500 €
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